I'm unable to run AppImage applications

I’m unable to run AppImage applications in my system.

They were running smoothly, then I had to reinstall the system, and now they don’t work. The files are marked as executables of course.

It happens with ALL AppImage files, not just for a single application (so I can rule out a problem with a particular package).

I’ve tried to run them from CLI, but I get the following generic error:

~/Apps/FontBase> LANG=C bash FontBase.AppImage
FontBase.AppImage: FontBase.AppImage: cannot execute binary file

Even running them with sudo isn’t helping.

When you’re troubleshooting an app you start manually, it’s useful to view the generated system log entries.


  1. Prepare to invoke your AppImage app, but don’t actually invoke yet.
  2. Open a console, elevate to root and run the following command which will display your system log entries in real time
journalctl -f
  1. Now, invoke your AppImage app and view your results in the console running journalctl, you will see only what is related to your fail.


Thank you, I already managed to solve this by changing permissions to “usr/bin/fusermount”, as described here: