I'm trying to understand the graphics "choices" or "non-choices" I have with this particular laptop.

I’m kind of confused about this.

The specs of this laptop (Thinkpad E550) are

i7 5500U processor
Intel HD Graphics HD 5500
AMD R7 M265

I’m sure that the intel chip will just work OOTB with nothing done on my part and will run just fine on linux. In regard to the AMD chip though, I’m kind of confused. Would I be able to run with the open source Radeon driver alone or is there something like Bumblebee for AMD? Could I use a proprietary driver alone? (flgrx?)
Could there be a setting in the BIOS that will allow me to choose?

If I just ran the Intel chip, would using tumbleweed be feasible. Could I run Tumbleweed with the Radeon drivers?

There is so much info out on the web. Am I even making any sense??? :slight_smile: