I'm still new and I need help with compiling...

I would like to know how to compile this file. https://launchpad.net/kazam I’m running OpenSUSE 12.1 Gnome shell 64bit and I wold like to know how to compile this for two reasons.
1st- I kinda need this for my YouTube channel, I recently moved away from .deb Distros like Ubuntu for stability reasons and I have never compiled anything.
2nd- I want to learn how to do it myself
I tried to follow this: Compiling and installing software from source in Linux But it was too complicated to me. Could you guys be generous enough to explain it to me, do a YouTube video or link me to one that works? Thank you guys for helping me and have a great day!

It’s already built on the open build service;

To see how it’s built, look here at the rpm spec file;

The version I have on packman will also do h264.

To see how it’s built, look here at the rpm spec file;

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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