I'm so sorry...

I had high hopes for using 11.1 to resurrect an old laptop.

After a day of trying to get the network/Internet connection to run I had to give up and reinstall XP.

Why is it such hard work to make network connections stable in 11.1?


Not really sure what you’re asking but with a lack of information it’s unlikely to get solved.

Simply put not many Hardware providers provide linux drivers, but then we have no idea what your problem is as we don’t know how you connect, what you connect with or what you have tried/not tried. Not to mention this is a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted(You don’t even have Suse installed).

Sorry for you.

Maybe you should try for assistance in one of the openSUSE support forums. The standard method is to post a question outlining your problem and asking for assistance.

Anyway, good luck.


Apologies, I wasn’t actually after any help, I was just a bit hacked off with myself for not being able to get the machine going easily.

I don’t really have time to fiddle with the OS to make it go. Ubuntu worked but it’s restrictive and I really wanted to get back to SuSE. Unfortunately MS Doze just works first time and this has to be taken into consideration.

I’m involved with a local authority and I’d like to make a case at some point in the future for moving across to open source software so it really has to be idiot proof.



No probs – come back in a couple of years when the devs have idiot proofed the net connections, or when you have time for asking questions, we’ll be here still.

If it worked with Ubuntu it is is highly likely to definetly possible to make it work on Suse.

This would suggest to me it includes a restricted module to get it to work, as Ubuntu has a different policy in regards to non-oss drivers.

No OS is idiot proof… Otherwise sys admins would be out of a job…

audioduck wrote:
> moving across to open source software so it really has to be idiot proof.

are you claiming that you know no idiots who have troubles with M$?

really? hmmmm…i guess everyone i know has at some time or another
asked me for help to get their RedmondWare working again…i guess
they are all double-idiots, huh?

precisely the reason i do not dual boot is so i can tell them: Sorry,
i know nothing about M$ (or any other game system)…call the Geek
Squad and write them a BIG check…

Post the specs of the laptop and I am sure we can get it up and running for you (and by we I actually mean the real experts on this site not the fumbling amateurs like me;))