I'm not neurotic about my computer, but...

…it’s confessional thread time!

I’m not neurotic about my eee, but when it hangs and needs to be unplugged, I choose to unplug the cable from the transformer, rather than from the eee itself, because secretly I’m worried about wearing out the power socket that’s physically built into the computer, whereas I know I can replace the transformer.

This on a computer that cost £300. And is low powered enough to be guaranteed completely unusable in a few more years.

Now it seems to me that Linux, being a system that keeps you in control, probably attracts more than its fair share of neurotic computer users, with their amusing (or alarming, depending on how you look at it…) habits.

So go on, bare your soul! :slight_smile:

I used to blow the dust out of my PC with compressed air, until one day I turned the PC on after a cleaning session, which was followed by funny noises from the PSU, and eventually a huge cloud of dust, electrical crack, dead PC. I changed the PSU though, and it came back.

Pah! That’s not neurotic. Unless you did it weekly. :wink:

I also used to keep my eee’s battery in a freezer bag in a tupperware box in the fridge.

Then I stopped doing that.

I think maybe this all stems from me never having owned a laptop before. And from my neuroses, of course…

Doesn’t the eee have the option to hold down the power switch for four seconds to turn it off?

Yes, but once it’s in an unbootable state (e.g the failure to unload snd_hda_intel bug), the only thing I’ve found that’ll reset it is to pull the power out completely.

You can hold the power button down first. It just won’t boot when you switch it back on…

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.