I'm making a backup of sorts. Besides home, what else?

What would be useful to back up along with my home folder?

A good linux backup HOWTO

You may want to backup your system files in /etc as well. For example,you may have customized network and sound configuration files that you may not wish to have to recreate from scratch.

I will tell you what I backup besides /home and why. Decide for yourself.

/home (obvious);
/boot (contains among other things grub/menu.lst);
/etc (as deano_ferrari explains it contains lots of system configurations);
/root (does not contain very much, but I have some scripts to be used by /root there in /root/bin);
/srv (only if you have web-server data there);
/var (only because I once missed some config data that was located there, but most of its contents is useless to backup);

If you have some database (e.g. MySQL or so), check if its data is within one of the places you do backup. Also check if a backup of these files with a RUNNING database is of any use. Often a database specific backup to files must be made first. Then those files can go with the system backup.

This looks like a lot of data, but when you use a backup system that only copies changed files (e.g. something using* rsync*) only the first backup copies a lot of data.

for periodic daily MySQL snapshots of databases, I recommend my little script. It lives in /etc/cron.daily and has a configuration file in /etc/dumpmysql.cfg where all important things can be set up and must be configured before the script can do anything. The script can also can be moved over to /etc/cron.hourly for hourly backups of the databases as I usually prefer. Been using it for years now without any problems :slight_smile:

Either get it from my repo in my signature, or from cli-apps.org - dumpmysql CLI-Apps.org

For other backups, use rsync :wink: