I'm Kinda New

:cool:Hey I’m Kinda new to the whole Linux thing…Only been messing with it for about two years now…Only been messing with suse about 6 to 10 monthes…I was jsut woundering If I have any questions about anything can I feel free to ask. I’m also phyced about the release of 11.0 should be awsome…

Hiya CCSuse,

Welcome to the forum!
I’m no hard-core-Linux-die-hard-been-doing-this-since-I-was-born type myself & my experience is that this is a great place to drop your questions and generally find help or share with others.

Have alot of fun! (as the motto goes)


Welcome to our forum.

You might find the openSUSE concepts a useful read if you have previous experience with computer systems.
Concepts - openSUSE

You can ask most openSUSE questions you want on our forum (but no questions about the extent (or lack there) of my MS-Windows knowledge, please. :rolleyes: :D:D ).

:cool:Thanks I will have to check out the link. Yes I have lots of exsperiance with computers. I do pretty much every thing from program to build and all the workings. Good to be welcomed to a good comunity. The person who turned me onto linux said I would have a great time. Well if I need anything or just want to know I will drop a line. As if anyone ever needs anything having to do with windoze wich I hate or computers in general and tech stuff let me know I might be able to help.

That’s what these forums are for =]

I’m new to openSUSE as of just after RC1 came out, but I’m pretty psyched about it as well.

I’ve dabbled with Linux enough to know a fair deal, but never really been happy with an OS until now. Main boot on my laptop is openSUSE 11 =]

In fact, that’s the only boot on my laptop. Windows XP runs inside a virtual machine, where it’s nice and isolated.

My desktop machine still runs Windows, because I can’t bear to give up games…

i first found out about linux not too long ago and started exploring differents os’s. after trial and error i found opensuse yay. then i needed to get my network adapter working so i stumbled upon the opensuse web forum (an old one) and asked for help it took me alot of research and a lot of help to find the answer but everyone here was more than helpful in helping to solve my problem.

as a matter of fact i was not the first one to have this similar problem… or the second… yeah i was probably asking a question that was asked 1000 times but everyone seemed to enjoy helping out.