I'm in love.. LO 4.3..

I was whining about why it was so hard to install the latest LibreOffice(4.2X) some time ago when some relatives came home wit the newest on Win7(at home running Linux, dual boot) from School. Wolfie323 respond and some hagging there I started to think.

By a zypper the 4.3 of LO installed seamless later (some week ago). I didient have the right repo configured then (above). I’m right if I suspect that “…SUSE”… it the sponsor of LO?

For my needs I can directly point out faster start up and a nicer GUI. In calc print in landscape whiteout external config for the printer etc.

I would welcome comments because this version is good enough to start to recommend outside linux for me if the translation to my native language is good enough. Had a view at a WM win8.1 and 4.3 LO in Swedish here. What about for your language and policy countrywide?

regards with a :.

What’s different with a GUI? I’ll give it a shot, though 4.2 works quite nice here :slight_smile:

LO Works fine here in Dutch and Danish.
I am installing it also for other user who are working with MS. Sometimes there are a few problems with the extensions for MS office.
The best way is to use ODF format, a specially when there have documents in office 2013 and 365 then you got a minimal lost of data.