I'm going to buy a USB external harddrive any recomendations?

I’ve already checked the HCL & it was of little help, mostly for 10.3 I use 11.3
The specs I’m looking for are
1)Portable 320-500GB, can go back & forth to a Windows & Linux PC
2)I will run the backups manually myself,so it doesn’t need to be an auto backup
3) HDD that plugs & plays with minimal (as in having to change permissions)to no fuss.
I remember reading about someone here having nothing but problems with a Western Digital HDD. For those who may want to know I consider messing with fstab to be maximal bother & is something I’d like to avoid. The last time I messed with it I borked my system, NOT FUN! >:(
So what do you guys use?

My Passport

BTW get USB 3

Faster even on USB 2 host

USB 3 support is pretty limited in most PCs … its very new.

Yes but the My Passport, eGo(Iomega) and PNY stick are all USb3.0 and backward compatible with USB 2.0.

I’ve used a My Passport 500 GB USB 2.0 for several years now and max transfer is around 20MB/s.

I recently upbraded to My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 and eGo Iomega 1TB USB 3.0. Moving the same home 185GB home folder averages 30 MB/s on the same USB2.0 laptops!

So on my 3 USB 2.0 laptops I’m backing up approximately 50% faster using USB 3.0 external hard drives.

Not sure why but they are faster on a USB 2.0 host.

I’m one those with USB 2.0 so isn’t there some kind of windows **** on the firmware with Passport?
Or is that FUD? Also it will go easily between OSes?

Not that I’ve found.

They come with NTFS formatting and some doz software.

I just go to Yast Partitioner and format ext4

It’s all plug n play.

You can however leave NTFS formatting and use it that way, if you need access from windoz

eSATA is another possibility.

Isn’t there a format that goes from Linux to Windows. I know that until I formatted it to ext4 my thumbdrive did it. What is that format & do usb as externals come with it?
Sorry for asking such questions, but this is my 1st external HDD.
For backup right now I’m using DVD-RW’s this is the same way I get stuff from my friends that use MSFT stuff. This why I want to know the Linux to Windows aspect before I get one.

I use a Western Digital elements 500GB
Works flawlessly in Linux. Whatever format you use. I have tried: FAT, ext4, ntfs. Currently as ext4.

Older smaller external USB drives are typically formatted as VFAT (fat32). Memory sticks are typically FAT or FAT32. Newer larger USB drives are typically formatted as NTFS.

I have a USB 2.0 Western Digital 500GB My Book. It works flawlessly with Linux and Windows. Currently it is formatted ext4.


On 2010-11-02 05:36, Sagemta wrote:
> Isn’t there a format that goes from Linux to Windows. I know that until
> I formatted it to ext4 my thumbdrive did it. What is that format & do
> usb as externals come with it?

The answer is simple: format the disk with a filesystem both understand.
Linux understand them all, so the question is, what does your windows

…_____… (fill the answer here) :slight_smile:

Note: you do not need to buy a ready made box. You can buy a HD, fully
empty, an external box, assemble them, and format. If you want names, I
use Jazz from enermax and seagates. Has both esata and usb.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

Food for thought

LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - What’s The Fastest Linux Filesystem On Cheap Flash Media? - What’s The Fastest Filesystem On Cheap Flash Drives?

You can get 3rd party file system utilities to brighten up windoz to read ext4

Curious. This thread suggest quite the contrary:

WD -My Passport - Highway to Hell more like

But then it’s about two years old. WD probably saw the errors of their ways…

Many complained about the original software that came pre-installed on the older drive.

Like most windoz designed software, garbage!

Easily removed by formatting over it :slight_smile:

I’ve had zero problems with several My Passports in the 2 years I’ve used them.

OK here’s what I comprehend so far:

  1. Any HDD (Brand or Size) will work the fav here is WD.
    2.Most now are formatted to NTFS, this can be changed using Yast

Now here’s what I’m not clear on:

  1. I have a friend that is a hardcore windows user he does have some stuff that I’d like to have& I have stuff he’d like. Now on my thumbdriveI formatted it to ext4 from VFAT it now can’t be seen on a Windows PC & seems to be unusable on windows. How would I get read/write on the HDD if it’s NTFS & my PC is ext4?

  2. In the Yast Partitioner I can format to FAT is this the same as the VFAT that oldcpu is talking about in his post? If not would the FAT in the partitioner do the same job as VFAT?

You mention 3rd party software do you have a link to it?
Yes that was the thread I was thinking of when I started this one.

  1. Browse Ext2Read Files on SourceForge.net

  2. VFAT is FAT32 and readable in both Windows and Suse. Problem if you want to use large files is a 4GB file size limit using FAT

  3. Windows XP and Windows 2000 limit partition creation to no larger than 32GB on FAT32.

Any ntfs drive will work plug and play in Linux - regardless.

I always do my formatting in Parted Magic, never any mistakes with mounted partitions then.

I use thumb drives, mine are vFAT, you can use them anywhere then.