I'm flabbergasted..

Istalled and it help me quite a bit on my way. I’m semi satisfyedlol!


Worry not, those monochrome icons may get replaced by signpost-quality text, where open-source developers further realize the aims of the “Metro” design. That’s where the focus returns to the “application”, in particular to its content, and away from managing “artwork”. Will it be successful?

I guess it will if it eventually makes life easier and more productive for a wider range of potential users, and the cost of ownership measured in money or time spent continues to fall. However, during a transitional period where the outcome is unclear, some will see it as a change without benefit and could easily be flabbergasted.

You are my hero of the day :P.

Another pierce to what I like/used to.

Yepp! Old dog and sit… I know.


After using firefox 29.0 for almost a day, I am not finding it much of a problem.

I had already turned of the menu bar a long time ago. The effect in previous versions was a “Firefox” button near the left, which gave access to most menu option. The main change that I see now, is that the menu symbol has changed and is now near the right edge of the screen. Also, the menu is now icons rather than names. I would prefer names, but I can live with the icons.

Not much difference otherwise. Okay, the tabs are now above the address bar, a change that I had previously resisted. I guess they are forcing that on us.

The bookmarks menu no longer has “add bookmark”. Instead, there that star symbol. I guess I can get used to that, too, though the risk is that I will accidentally click that star.

Overall, changes that I can live with.

What about its performance?

It seems to have been improved here - more responsive, snappier, and possibly quicker on opening.

I have not noticed any obvious difference.

I Have from a point of a user.


That can be changed using the ‘Classic Theme Restorer’ extension if required. It allows the use to choose icons, icons and text, or text only.

Okay, the tabs are now above the address bar, a change that I had previously resisted. I guess they are forcing that on us.

Again, the ‘Classic Theme Restorer’ can adjust this. It provides a ‘Tabs’ ‘setting Tabs not on top’ to restore your (an my) preference.

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Opensuse? My kind of game.


Right click free space on tab bar and select custom. Have not played with it but looks interesting

To be honest I did not even notice a change until you guys brought it to my attention LOL

I seldom use anything from the menu bar so I like it being hidden and it is easy to get back If I have the need

Alt-B bring up book marks like always

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