I'm flabbergasted..

O yes I have been forwarned about the interface on FF (Firefox 29). Now in the reality when I have tested for an hour. I dont like it. It make me confused and reminds me of Crome. I deselect that browser for many years.

“Grumpy old men” may fit on me. I notice another thing and the spelling controll dosen’t work. Make my English even worst.

Yes with a spark in my eye>:)


Try LuaKit or perhaps otter-browser, there is also SRware-iron? I’m still on Firefox 28 here…

I always preferred Seamonkey, it’s got a few very small issues with some web sites, but hasn’t changed drastically. Plus, I like having my email with it, instead of using a separate email client.

I updated on Windows (to test something). It looks strange.

Fortunately, I don’t use Windows much. I’ll wait till the update is in the repos before I find out how bad it is.

All I did was “zypper dup”. I do it in every 2-3 days on my desktop. I’m familiar whit the cons. My mainserver and Virtual PC’s are not disturbed. “Zypper up” at the most.


You tweaked my interest, so booted up the windows 8.1 machine and let it update, indeed a little different, but like you don’t use windows much, but from first looks, wasn’t to bad IMHO…

I’m loving it!

I have all the icons on the navigation bar for my most frequently accessed items like Add-ons Manager, Print, Settings, History, and Developer tools along with the default Bookmarks Downloads and Menu icons… The ones I use less frequently I moved from the Customize panel to the Menu panel, and removed the ones I don’t use from the Menu panel to the Customize Panel.

So did those of you that didn’t like it take the tour? It starts up offering it, or you can go to Help > Firefox Tour to launch it.

A couple of good articles at tech sites.

Firefox 29 (new interface) released: Find out what is new | gHacks Technology News

Firefox Review

You can see my setup at April 2014 Screenshots

Well, it looks like Firefox has been “Chromed”.

I don’t dislike it. Always liked the cleanliness of Chrome, and the fact that it leaves so much free space for actually browsing. But it’s a resource hog and privacy is a chimaera, so I think I’ll stick with Firefox.

There’s always Midori, or Konqueror for us KDEites.

I forgot to mention Maxthon, but I haven’t tried it, heard good things about it though.


You might want to try this:



Nope it has been Thunderbirded :slight_smile:

Firefox 29.0

Thunderbird since version 15.0

That was my first thought having just upgraded FF to 29.0 on Tumbleweed. :smiley:

It makes for a change. I rather like it so far.

I just got an update to Firefox, and I can’t even find an “About” menu to tell what version it is… no wonder I prefer Seamonkey. This thing looks weird, and since I don’t use it much, I’m not likely to bother trying to figure it out. I wonder why some things are changed so much. Change isn’t always good, especially when it confuses me (which isn’t difficult to do:)). I’m sticking with Seamonkey.

I mainly use SeaMonkey also. For FF version, click the rightmost icon (for menu), cliick “?” for Help, and as usual select About. :wink:

Yes, just got the update.

It seems to make things a bit harder, but I can live with it.

try opera; works well with openSUSE, as well as Ubuntu.

Ah, there it is! Could they make this more difficult, I wonder? :slight_smile: Good to know. My mother has Firefox on Win7, so I still need to know how it works, in case she has problems. Assuming the Windows version is the same, I’ll have to take a look at that. Thanks!

Just right-click the empty space after the tabs and tick the Menu Bar selection. This will restore it above the tabs bar.

I’ve just upgraded to it - was still using FF27 due to some banking issues - and it’s weird, but I’m getting used to it, it’s not bad really.

But I really don’t think the flavorless flat washed-out/grey/monochrome icons in the hamburger menu are an improvement in any browser, app or OS.

Perhaps Mozilla is preparing to run FF OS in smartwatches only…

That’s better!