im chinese , first use SUSE , how to install MYSQL please help?

also, how to install chinese input method?

How about this…

How to Install and use MySQL on OpenSUSE 15.1

This question has nothing to do with what you say in the title of this thread. Please start another thread for this so that people can see what you need.

And about " how to install MYSQL please help?".
As every software you need and that is in the standard repos. Use YaST > Software > Software Management and the Search function there.
Take care however, the names of the packages have MariaDB and not MySQL. So serach for MariaDB and you will see mariadb and mariadbclient.

It could be that you want to use MariaDB with PHP and Apache. In that case, you better in YaST > Software > Software Managment choose Patterns from the View menu (top-left) and then scroll down to Server functionality and there Web- and LAMP server. When you check that and install it, you will be complete in one go.

The following is the documentation to set the locale (which would include the language) of your openSUSE.

Although I would expect that the system ought to support a form of Chinese, I don’t know that the documentation in the above link is available in other languages, at one time there was an effort to provide translations but I don’t see any suggestion anywhere that effort still exists…

Apparently, the Google Translate website no longer translates an entire webpage (although you can copy and paste text from a web page into the translator.)
My personal preference nowadays is to install the Google Translate application on my Android phone. Then, you can simply point your phone’s camera at text and see the translation in real time on your phone’s screen.


The locale defines what language, and formats for date, money, etc. will be used on output oftext.

The OP asks for Chinese “input method”. That is software that lets you use a keyboard with a “normal” layout to input Chinese characters using key combinations.

That’d be interesting if it’s possible.
Or practical.
For only western languages that might be possible but I’m wondering how that can work for an eastern and arabic/western characterset.
The languages are so different I’ve never considered that a keyboard of one could be used to support the other language.

Maybe someone could make something like that work, but I just haven’t seen it.
Maybe the @OP needs to clarify what he’s asking for.


I’m wondering if ibus might be what the OP is looking for (based on a quick search). I note that there is ‘ibus-libpinyin’ available.

Possible reference:

Bottom line,
Would require detaiuls…

  • Specific input method, eg Chinese character keyboard, possible make and model
  • Installed Desktop
  • If the User already is working with any directions related to his input method.


As Henk already mentioned the OP should really have created two threads, since two questions.