I'm back! Andsorry rantists, 11.0 does work at my home.


I have been using suse since 10.1. Few month ago I decided to jump on the debian wagon since I have now different needs and I didn’t want to re-download the dvd (my old 10.3 dvd was broken) :stuck_out_tongue: .

However, I have decided to put opensuse 11.0 on my parents’ box, so I’m kinda back and I will be around for a few weeks to help you guys to survive the question/help/rant crisis after a release.:smiley:

IMO, 11.0 is a good release. It’s not the “revolutionary release that will free the world from the evil Steve Jobs and Bill Gates”, but it’s working great. Of course it has little problems: the black section of gdm’s theme feels cheap, package kit’s updater is not great, pulseaudio brings more trouble for me blabla. But yast’s installer is now a serious package manager(speed, dependencies, UI…), live-cds are better (back in 10.3 they have stripped down packages which can’t be updated), dvd installer is sexier, etc .etc.

And it works.:stuck_out_tongue: