I'm baaaaack!

Didjya miss me?

Ok. don’t answer that question.

I had to leave some time back because my video card driver didn’t support the newer versions of openSUSE, but I got another one and I must say there just is no comparison. I had to use an old long term support of Ubuntu 8.04 to keep using Linux with the proprietary drivers (the open source ones just don’t cut it for games), but I have been using openSUSE since 10.0 so I know the difference.

That is in no way intended as a criticism of Ubuntu and I am very grateful to the Ubuntu community for making it possible for me to continue using my chosen operating system during a period of relative difficulty.

There’s just nothing like Yast is there?.

Anyway it seems as though I have already bullocksed something up though it isn’t serious and I need your help if you would be so kind.

I have always liked Konqueror and that includes as a web browser, but of course there are issues with flash and at least in the past with khtml and nspluginviewer. I should have checked that before I changed my preferred browser over to it in Kde 4 so my bookmarks would open in it instead of Firefox because apparently there are still problems with flash working properly all of the time. So I changed it back to Firefox, but now the bookmarks menu item in the system menu no longer show the ones that are in Firefox and if I add more to the browser they don’t show up either.

i don’t know how to fix that. Do any of you?

Good to be back.