I'm a lucky man/Pi 2 b+

Oh yes, I whining a lot.

Yesterday I was on the run to test Leap15(on old HD’s) and write in the t-sheet. While I was claiming some HD’s. I also found a Pi 2 in my storage… Hmm Remember that I was testing Tw and also later Leap on it. Not working.

Notice a answer on the forum from(yes him from Podunk) on a post. Viola. It works ( openSUSE-Tumbleweed-ARM-XFCE-raspberrypi2.armv7l-2017.12.14-Build1.12.raw.xz).

Whining and yelling yes. Interesting tread on “project” in mailing list and… It will never be a successes if “contributors” will control. But that was not R.B goal or? Small distro (openSUSE).


I am not able to get openSUSE to successfully boot on my Pi3 but works great on my Pi 1