I'm a beginner and having trouble installing some stuff

Hi, First off I am new to suse- I switched from windows because I was interested in seeing what linux had to offer.

I am trying to download the program R (from:The Comprehensive R Archive Network) and using the 1-click install method, but it does not seem to be working.

So what happens is, it opens up the Yast program and it goes through the steps, and after downloading it does not show up in my applications. I can only find it by clicking on “Install software” and locating it through that manager… which informs me that it is installed. I’ve clicked on “filelist” and found it at /usr/bin, where I can run it in “terminal”.

Like I said I am new to this, I have tried searching for the answer but I must be missing something. Any help with this matter would be great and I can provide more info if necessary.

Many Linux/Unix program do not have a GUI interface and thus do not show up in the GUI menu.

Also if you install from someplace other then a OpenSuse based repo the rpm used may not have the correct info to add the package to the menu system. You can always add manually by right clicking the menu button and select Menu Editor

Normally you can find packages (programs) in Yast-Software Management. This will allow you to search and browse any of the repositories (repos) that you have setup. Use Yast-Pack Search(webpin) if you do not find in a normal repo. BTW I find it in webpin.

You should always say what Desktop you use since the details may depend on if it is Gnome,KDE or some other.

You might want to see how to run the program and read the doc’s

The Comprehensive R Archive Network

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Greetings pistazienfresser

This probably wasn’t the easiest place from which to start your adventure with Linux. The trouble is that searching for ‘R’ shows up all of the programs that have an R somewhere in the title, or even the description, depending on what you are doing, and that’s about all of them.

…using the 1-click install method…

I take it that you mean something other than the SUSE one-click-install here (software.opensuse.org: One Click Install openSUSE 11.2), as that demands a two character string as a minimum, so you couldn’t search on R.

In general, the easiest way to install software is to use one of:

  • Install and remove Software (Yast, effectively)
  • Zypper (command line, which may well increase the learning curve)
  • One click install website mentioned earlier (which can, eventually, make a bit of a mess of your repo list, if you don’t clean up after it)

Only if those fail do you want to resort to other methods.