ILO4-RemoteConsole super slow on TW, works on Leap-15.2/15.3, What changed?

Hi, I’m playing with some ProLiant-ML320e-G8 servers that i got for free :slight_smile:

Those have support for Ilo4-remote console, and that works out-of-the-box on LEAP 15.2 and 15.3

I upgraded to TW (15.2 → TW) on one machine, and the terminal got unusably slow.
Tried reinstalling, but even the LiveCD / Netinstall image is laggy on TW

what changed between the releases?

lspci and lsusb report the same hardware, and lsmod didn’t pan any obvious discrepancies.

TW changes a lot it is a rolling release. Maybe need a bug report?

I’m reticent to open a ticket, as it’s most likelly some proprietary module that got deprecated.

I have found a module option for supporting ILO hardware when compiling a custom kernel. Maybe that got untoggled?
Is there someplace that documents the default TW kernel options?