iGPU and dGPU laptop screen problems

First of all hello OpenSuse Comunity, im new member Novichok (newbie in Russian; im not Russian name sounds cool =D)
I have installed OpenSuse TW on my Thinkpad T440p with i7 4700MQ (with iGPU) and it also has dGPU Nvidia 730m.
Now the problem is that my laptop screen isnt turning on on boot. Ive read online that the problem is the iGPU.
Steps i took to try to solve the problem:
try to detect the laptop screen and gpu with lspci -v | grep VGA and xrandr --renderers (i think)
both iGPU and dGPU are detected but only the iGPU is forced and is working system wide.
i somehow got my Nvidia driver program to auto generate the xorg.conf file - ended up bricking the system.
tried bbswitch and bumblebee and nvidia optimus prime thing - cant use it (well every command i executed ended up with some error, cant remember which ones because the system is newly installed and it has been few days, well two months since and the problem is still going and persistent over the distros, ie Arch, Debian, OS Leap also)
Any ideas how i could force the system to use dGPU and how to detect and also use the laptop screen.

Specs Thinkpad T440p

CPU Intel i7 4700MQ 8cores@2.4GHz
GPU (in use) MESA Intel HD Graph 4600
GPU (not utilized at all) Nvidia 730m.
RAM 16 gigs of RAM
Storage 1TB SSD and 1TB 2.5 spinning drive

OS Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma 5.27
Kernel generic 64bit
Graph Platform X11

GPU Driver installed
nvidia compute g05(+32bit)
nvidia gfx-05 kmp default
nvidia gl05 (and 32bit)
x11video nvidia g05(+32bit)
Thank you for your help in advance, and cheerse to the lads in the IRC Chat (especially Rascul =D )
(ps i cant disable any GPU in the BIOS)

I just want to point out that im very fresh to Linux, all of the things i have done are from reading the docs and watching tutorials online.
I also want to daily drive the machine and come off of windows to learn new stuff, to learn linux and i want to learn to code in C and networking.
That being said, im going to need some assistance with blobs and minidumps extracting and uploading them online.