Ignore mouse jitter

How may i setup tumbleweed kde/xorg such that, for the purposes of deciding when to either to shut off the display or turn it back on, it will ignore any movement of the mouse and pay attention only to keyboard interaction?

It may be possible to inhibit via a BIOS setting. Otherwise, investigate /proc/acpi/wakeup. Have a read of the following wiki…
…including the section on making the changes persistent.

It really depends on how KDE detects activity and activates screen saver. If KDE relies on standard Xorg server idle detection - no, that is not possible. Xorg server resets idle timer on event from any device and it is not configurable.

this workaround does exactly what i want:

set -f;m=$(xinput list) k=(${m#*Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard*id=}) m=(${m#*PixArt Dell MS116 USB Optical Mouse*id=});echo m=$m k=$k;xinput test $k|while read -t999;j=$i i=$? x=en;do((i-j))&&{ ((i))&&x=dis;echo -n $x;xinput ${x}able $m;};done #disable restless mouse if kbd inactive for -t sec

so far i’m just doing it from history after i login. someday i’ll put it in startup somehow.

what it does:
Disables mouse if keyboard is inactive for 999sec (16m39s).

more in detail:
Extract the IDs of the keyboard and the mouse from xinput list.
Pipe xinput test $k into a loop, read from the pipe with -t999 seconds.
Whenever the return code changes,
failure means keyboard inactive for 999sec so disable the mouse,
success means keyboard activity so re-enable the mouse.