ifconfig help

I’m trying to run ifconfig; first says in /sbin and may be only for superuser…so cd/sbin…sudo ifconfig…says it is in “intel package”…and only for superuser. Tried install intel package…bamp wrong again.

How do I find and open intel package? or run ifconfig for that matter, haven’t had this problem before with other versions. Thanks.

Have you tried , Applications>System>Terminal>Terminal Super User Mode ?

If sudo doesn’t work, try becoming root with ‘su’. Once your done and want to lose the root priveleges simply type exit hit enter and you’ll be back to the normal user account.

No need to cd /sbin. Do this:


If it still says it’s not there, install the net-tools package. Don’t know what the intel package thing is all about; are you reading the explanation given correctly?

You don’t need to be root to run /sbin/ifconfig to view the settings. But if you try to use /sbin/ifconfig for setting interfaces, you have run it as root.