If you buy OpenSuse (hardcopy)

This seems banal really, but i still like to know.
If i buy a release in hardcopy, what happens to my money.
Do i support the OpenSuse team with my purchase or more?

I am really thinking in buying the next release and i know i get the nonfree codecs in a extra cd and the book. True?

Thanks a million :):slight_smile:

You’re supporting Novell, who pays the salaries of the developers of openSUSE and Enterprise SUSE.

The extra CD contains non-opensource software such as Acroread, not codecs. This extra CD is also available for download. Codecs are not distributed due to patent laws in some jurisdictions. You have to continue to get them online.

And yes you get a manual.

PS: I just remembered that the openSUSE DVD business was sold off to a smaller company. So I’m not sure if much or any money goes to Novell now. But certainly you are still supporting open source.

It was http://open-slx.com but with the boxed set you get installation
support for 30days?

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90 days of installation support.

By purchasing the boxed set you support openSUSE and its developers (a lot of the openSUSE developers work for Novell), you support Novell, and you support open-SLX.