if u asked me, Go ahead to GNOME3 with Opensuse 11.4.


a big question will try to make the answer simple.
I’m using the 64bit OpenSuSE 11.4 Over Gnome3, my first impression was the impression, the new modernized desktop and the unusual idea of navigation really make me love this distro in 2 hours, then Stability, speed is the next notice, Gnome 2.x is stable also but 3 is very very stable and very fast, it can respond to your mouse what ever and when ever or how much clicks you do .

i like the idea accessing the application through the application bar, also i love the ability to hide and show desktop icon which is hidden by default, insbite of the (no right click menu on desktop) the desktop is perfect especially for those who are looking for
unusual idea’s, believe me you will hate the old Start menu idea, may be the only thing that i notice there is no yast2 module !! i mean graphical yast but yast is exist in console only, yes it can do the same job using TAB key and ALT and others.

overall stability is 100% . i’m running Oracle database 10g and Jdeveloper and other tools like Virtualbox.
by the way, all codecs and desktop stuff is working fine, also my mobile broadband connection (STick)
working fine with just two or 3 clicks, language and keyboard layout changing is perfect, plus i like the new idea of Shutdown and restart shortcuts .

my advice is to go ahead to GNOME3.


You are posting this in the subforum “Get Technical Help Here > Applications”, but I fail to see what your problem/question is.

…not quite. When I try to activate the ‘desktop effects’ it always crashes with a message like ‘oops sorry…Gnome can’t handle [something]…’. I can recover by logging out and in again. It is completely reproducible.:\

sorry for that this post is a replay for a question has been asked in private.

according to my info if u mean compiz i donlt think it is compatible with gnome3.
Opensuse really got great stability when running heave application like oracle database that might not installed in other linux distros.

Has the OP installed any gnome-shell-extensions? xrandr-indicator has a

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…none at all, not even gnome-shell-extension-xrandr-indicator