If switching from Ubuntu, will it be harder to record to audacity through line in? export to mp3?

I’m running Ubuntu (gnome) but am contemplating a change to OSuse (KDE) because of the move to unity. A NECESSARY feature is the ability to record to Audacity fromthe line in and export to mp3. When pulse audio was first introduced, I couldn’t get the line in to work. Now its basically plug and record. Getting MP3 export to work is as easy as downloading the restricted extras - everything was automatic. If I switch to Opensuse and use KDE, will it be different and/or more difficult?

This is straight forward with OpenSuse.

The multimedia extras (for OpenSuse) are provided through Packman - so you would need to install the version of Audacity from there (as the Audacity version provided through OpenSuse does not include mp3 support).

A very good guide is here:-

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

It may be done simpler, in one click:
Restricted formats/11.4 - openSUSE Community Wiki