If '$' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup...

I have a grave problem with using bash/ Konsole if it will not recognize standard command symbols. My current problem is that when I enter the following query:

‘$ uname -a’,

bash replies as in the title above (i.e., it treats the dollar sign as Greek!)!

At first, I thought this might be related to my Danish keyboard, but I set it up as such during the installation of SUSE. Plus, just for safety’s sake, I checked the English keyboard on my dual-boot (SUSE+Win7) machine, and bash returns the same ignoramus (it has to be an ignoramus if it won’t recognize standard command symbols!) reply there too!

I saw a similar problem involving ‘sudo’ itself here (sudo: <command> command not found) here (http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/439150-sudo-lt-command-gt-command-not-found ) and thought of asking there, but the thread was dated, and besides, I figure that others in search of a solution to the same problem would more easily find it (if anyone has a solution!) in separate posting dedicated specifically to that problem.

It is beyond my ability to find a solution to this problem via Google! At one point, I found a “solution” claiming that the problem was with my graphics card (an AMD-ATI that I later learned isn’t necessary in openSUSE 13.1, but have since run across conflicting advice!), but when I downloaded the 1-Click solution that was supposed to fix the dollar sign problem, it threw my display out of whack (a low resolution with icons and fonts that even the blind could see, so large were they!) so I went into the repository and deleted the AMD-ATI repository I had installed, and it took a few boots and reboots to put everything to rights after that!).

I am naturally loath to monkey with the graphics card any longer (and my two different desktops have different graphics cards, not surprisingly, yet the problem exists (persists!) on both computers… though they are both quite old PCs… ).

Anyone have a suggestion? (And please, if you are a superuser who feels the need to belittle noobs, don’t offer any advice, okay? I’m getting too much of that kind of treatment of late.)


Did you read the replies to your question in the sudo-thread?

Do not use the “$” at the beginning of your commands!

→ just:

uname -a


For next time please do as Hendrik above and copy/paste what you do on the terminal between CODE tags in your posts. It is the # button in the tool bar of the post editor. Copy/paste the prompt, the command the output and the next prompt in one sweep.

The CODE tags have many advantages, one of them being that we would have seen your typing error immediatly.

BTW there is no need to go for a different font from the default in your posts. It will not give any advantage in getting help sooner or better :wink:

no :X

:slight_smile: THANKS! I just ran the query and derived the info I need - meaning that I need not SCREW UP my graphics card FURTHER! :slight_smile:

OK, here’s what I’ll do: I’ll use a larger font to WRITE the posting, but before POSTING it, I’ll reduce it to its current “microscope-only viewing” size (not everybody is under the age of 25, with 20/20 vision!). How’s that? :slight_smile:

When you have vision problems, it is a bit different, but please be aware that not everybody will understand it as that.

For reading there is of course no problem, most browsers will allow you to enlarge the font of the page you see.

If you have issues reading small font you can force your browser to set a minimum size limit so that websites will be forced to show the font larger. In firefox you do this by opening the Preferences > Content tab > Advanced button > Minumum Font Size drop down menu. In chrom(e/ium) you can go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Customize Fonts > Minimum Font Size.


I would probably just write it out in a text file, where I can have the font size I am comfortable with, then when it is ready, paste it into the forum editor.

And that isn’t a bad idea in general. You can then remove typos and improve the logic of the contents at ease before you send it of.

I do this somethimes, but maybe I should do it more often. rotfl!

Yes. There are time I wish I had done it that way! :shame: