If I delete the bottom panel, is there a wireless connection applet for the dock?

I’d like to get rid of the bottom panel in Opensuse 11.2 and just use a dock with applets. However, if I remove the bottom panel, the little icon that allows me to connect to wireless will go with it, right? And it wouldn’t do me much good to get rid of that, because then I can’t connect to the Internet…So, is there a wireless connection applet for the dock? I didn’t see one anywhere. I can install the file manager app, but could I access it from there on the dock? I just want to make sure I can still connect to the Internet without the bottom panel.

If you install Cairo you can add nm in it. I did that once but cairo is just ugly, removed it. Waiting for awn build.

You can usually add to a dock the same as a panel so I don’t see a problem.
Anyway, it’s easy to add back a default panel
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The system tray itself is a widget. Add it to the desktop or the dock, and the NM should be available.