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I have trouble with 2 Dcam camera used with libdc / coriander. Why is libdc1394 listed as deprecated for suse 12.2 ?
Can’t get my cameras to work properly with the new firewire stuff and there is clearly no alternative to libdc1394.
The usual camcorder / firewire seems to work but not the IIDC cameras.
e.g. I am getting about 15 fps with a camera with a max speed of 11 fps.
In a nutshell : all modules for 1394 have been dumped without much warning; and that is a real bad move. >:(
Might have to shift back to an older kernel or even worst to another distro…
Sorry for the rant but I am not impressed; Is there a solution or some other testing done ?

No need to say that both cameras have been tested on 2 different machines on different firewire cards with different cables.


On 09/22/2012 06:16 AM, dr doud wrote:
> have been dumped without much warning

-=WELCOME=- new poster…

maybe seems like what you want was dumped, but i’d guess it is more like
you expected it to be, but its not part of the default install…and
expecting it to be included automatically, you didn’t select it to be
installed in the first go…

and you have not looked in the right places yet to get it installed
after the insital install, try:

  1. YaST > Software Management and search on libdc1394

  2. and type in and search on libdc1394

  3. same as two but before clicking search, slick on the tools icon, and
    then click to check mark/accept the “Show development, language and
    debug packages”

and, have a lot of fun…even if not initially impressed.

don’t worry, everyone feels what they need ought to be default
installed–imagine how big that install iso image would be!!


Am 22.09.2012 06:16, schrieb dr doud:
> Why is libdc1394 listed as deprecated for suse 12.2 ?
Can you clarify that statement maybe by giving a link to what you
exactly read, it would help to understand the details you struggle with.
The libdc1394 as such is still in the 12.2 oss repository, so what exact
errors do you get when you install and try to use it?

> Can’t get my cameras to work properly with the new firewire stuff
Which libraries do you have installed now which give you problems and
does it go a way if you just install the libdc1394 instead.

All that details may be obvious for you, but repeating them here would
clarify probably the root cause of your problems.

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