IE8 beats Firefox, Chrome, others in battery life

Just read this article from

I think, benchmarking is going to be the key for browsers now a days. And M$ is on top in battery life for laptops while using their browser. Hmmmm…

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This test is very incomplete

=> w3m for teh win!111


Also VERY system specific. They flat out ignored a lot of not-controled variables in the test.

Glad to read this. So that’s what MS is focussing on: saving laptop batteries.

It’s another piece of nothing. A conclusion having “it doesn’t appear that” is already worthless.

OTOH a little piece of truth is hidden in there.

All ACPI related stuff is still a weakness for Linux and a very difficult race to “win”.

New laptop models are released every few months, many with new (broken as they deny the ACPI standards) BIOS implementations, which would not work OOTB no matter if on Linux or on Windows.

The vendors/resellers “solve” this problem by adding special patches/workarounds to their Windows installation images (instead of really solving the problem by just implementing ACPI correctly) still leaving Linux “one step behind”.

Even with the extremely fast development on Linux we are facing today, this is a very difficult situation and as stated before, will be very difficult to solve withut direct help from the manufacturers themselves.

Maybe someday when “coreboot” (formerly known as “Linux BIOS”) is mature enough things will get better, but even then there is still this race of keeping up with new chipsets&co., at least until (and this is not very likely to happen) perhaps some vendors decide to use coreboot instead of their proprietary BIOS implementations.

So even if coreboot were mature enough one would have to flash it on the machine,risking damage and maybe also loss of warranty.

Linux always has to keep up with new hardware, if the respective hardware manufacturers don’t care about Linux by actively contributing (or at least giving out some specs early enough for the kernel hackers to implement new stuff), there will always be a certain delay.

…but on the acid3 test…rotfl!