[Idea] Send info about agining/deprecated hardware by updates

Currently, kernel developers often decided to drop support for hardware once there is no maintainers and they thinking there is small amount of users. They always assume hardware support could been added again, if someone complains after removing. Could we do better?

Add system utility, which could be ran after each update, read list of hardware to be removed from supported list, comparing with current hardware on current computer and show notification or send an e-mail explaining, what could happen. User could decide to send info he/she are using this hardware.

What we gain:

  • No telemetry
  • User will be informed before remove action
  • User could tell developers to do not remove hardware support

As technology and software evolves, it is the natural way that old hardware phases out. Serious developers concentrate on old, actual and future hardware/software but not on museum pieces. As most hardware is broken after 15 years, it is logical that there is not much left where you can test software on.

There were countless cases where developers asked users of such old hardware (>15y) to help testing software on such museum hardware. As these users didn’t care/react it is absolutely logic that serious developers drop support as it is no longer possible to assure any QA when nobody has such old hardware to test anymore…and it is a waste of time, ressources and money to concentrate on software which is used by a diminishing amount of users which doesn’t give a s**t about the bigger picture as explained above.

Compare it with an oldtimer car. If you own one, you need to put much effort, money, blood, sweat and time into it to keep it running. You can’t cry for the manufacturer to do it for you as they often does not even exist anymore…

You rember the outcry of a handfull of ppl (the world will end!!!) when openSUSE announced to carve out the i586 support? And see where the status of the carveout is now…32bit is dead on desktop CPU market…

As this is not a request for technical assistance (and not an openSUSE-specific topic either), it is better placed in the Open Chat category.

Personally, my experience has been that notice of such changes is well publicised. I don’t think that updates is the right channel to provide such information.
There are also people still providing software for old hardware, for example, MiniNo Alguadaira.