[Idea] Browser extension to attach system/hardware information

I know, that it’s probably insecure, but it can help newbie.


  1. Newbie create topic called “X server doesn’t start”
  2. Some guy asks him to attach hardware information, putting link on one’s post
  3. Newbie only click link, browser asks for confirmation, displaying information, which will be send
  4. Newbie accept
  5. Information will be send

Above isn’t so stupid - newbie could use Firefox under Wayland, but prefer X.org

hwinfo --short


man hwinfo

I see my idea will probably be rejected, because some Linux super user prefer giving orders to newbie to use terminal.

Well, information you can only get from your terminal as root, you will never be able to get by using a HTTP browser as normal user. And as it is very stupid to use a HTTP browser as root …

BTW, there is an alternative to using the CLI command hwinfo. YaST > Hardware > Hardware Information is a GUI to it. But as very often, it is much more easy to copy/paste CLI lines from a terminal emulator into a post here then to post screen shots from a GUI tool.

Also the commands people will suggest you to do to gather information will differ very much from case to case. Almost never a complete hwinfo list will be asked for.

You may feel yourself as a newbie, but I hope it is your intention not to stay a newbie. Asking here and learning from the answers is a good way to get more knowledge. And yes, people will ask you to do terminal/CLI commands, and you will, I hope, consult the relevant man pages to see what those commands are for and what the several option mean.


This is not the place for filing feature requests anyway, if that was your intention.
This is a user support forum where users try to help other users, or can discuss things with other users…

IOW, nobody will “officially” accept or reject your idea here.
Although fellow users may state their opinions.

Of course anybody who wants can write a “browser extension”, but that’s not really specific to openSUSE either, rather to the browser you use.