I'd like to know...

If the speed of light is as fast as anything can go then how does E=mc2?

In this case c expresses a relationship, not a scalar value.

Speed of light is 299.792,458 m/s(300.000 m/s) einstein’s order say that when an object has this speed, imagine a car having this speed with people inside it is transformed into energy. So you can not travel with this speed. Until now nothing can be ran in this speed. Years of light means how many years in same velosity wants to cover distance for example in an star which the distance is 100 years(an example), being visible in our eyes. For example a Super nova in costalation of taurus which the distance is 100 years of light means that this super nova in 100 years(i mean the light of the explotation) needs 100 years to come in our eyes(to see for few words).