Icons-only Task Manager and Applications Menu - odd bug?

Just discovered this rather odd bug, anyone able to duplicate it, or is this ‘Just Me’ :\

Tumbleweed snapshot 20150909 with Applications Menu and Icons-only Task Manager

Right click on an icon in the Task Manager
Select “Icons-only Task Manager Settings”
Make a change to the settings, or simply ‘Cancel’ without changing anything.
Left click on the Applications Menu Icon
Menu does not appear, instead the application whose icon was right clicked in the Task Manager is launched…

Consistently repeatable, including with a new user.

No matter how hard I try, nope. No matter whether widgets are locked / unlocked. But still, I’d report a bug.

Hmm… Looking at this a little more it seems that it’s not necessary to select “Icons-only Task Manager Settings”; (which is how I discovered this bug when changing some settings).

Just a right click (on a task manager icon) to open the context menu is sufficient.

So, right click on a task manager icon, then left click on the Application Menu icon, and the application that was right clicked on is launched rather than the menu opening.

There’s a few things I want to try first, then I’ll probably file a bug report … not too sure which component it should be against though.

On my own set-up I’m able to consistently reproduce this, including with a new user.

Bug report filed against “Application Menu” https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=353041