Icons on desktop dont launch applications anymore

This morning I’ve installed Leap15.1 and everything was working fine.
This afternoon, apparently without any reason, every icon on my desktop doesn’t launch associated application but clicking on it kate editor opens the .desktop file !
I tried to delete icons and to put again on desktop without success. If I launch application from menu launcher there no issue.

Maybe I can solve the problem creating a new user but If possible I would like to know what is wrong.

I’ve found the problem.
In Dolphin settings: Confirmations -> Executing Scripts or desktop files (to be enabled)

If I really disabled this option I was not in me …:wink:

Just to exclude the possibility that I was possessed by some ghosts …
I’ve created a new user and verified that
Executing Scripts or desktop files (in Dolphin) is NOT enabled so I think this is a (not requested) change regarding previous version of Leap.

For the sake of exhausting all possibilities, there was also the following solution posted in another thread by [i]aecordoba:

I change the property “behaviourOnLaunch” to “execute” in “~/.config/kiorc” file.