Icons missing under 10.3


I recently tried to change Icons of the mounted partitions. Well that part worked, but unfortunately the folder and sub folder Icons are missing. Only folder name or file name can be seen. Unless I try to give another Icon manually.

Is there a faster way to get my icons back for the partition drive with folder. I have to give each folder a icon. I can´t spend alot of time trying to add Icons on each folder and aslo on sub folders.

How can I go default Icons. I have also tried changing themes and Icons under Desktop Settings, but didn´t do the work.

try going to yast and go to software manager and search for icon’s. it will give you some options for some things you can download for icons, what interface are you using, GNOME, KDE, XFCE?

I am using KDE. I have installed the Icons, what do i do next. still not working.