Icons messed on panel after login/out on

I am using opensuse 11.1 on my X61 laptop and am currently trying out
kde-4.1. I installed kde from the kde stable repo. My problem is that
after logging in and out or rebooting the laptop, icons go missing on
the panel and the positions get all messed up.

Help anyone?

Some of the icons on my panel disappeared, but the function remains there (though invisible). I notice that icons on Dolphin are also gone.

I’ve been moving large mbox files around, but that seems to be working.

openSUSE 11 on a notebook.

This has been an issue with kde4 from the beginning.

Try re-naming your hidden .kde4 folder to .kde4old

from a CLI login you can do it:
mv /home/username*/.kde4 .kde4old

(username*)= your user name

Login again and you will be in a NEW kde4 user settings. Once it’s finished loading (it takes a min or 2) Logout again and back in to see if the icons are going to hold. Otherwise delete the new .kde4 and try again.
I have had to do this several times in the past.

Once I have a working .kde4 I make a backup.