Icons font

I have tried to make my fonts and icons small. It was ok.
but now the font to icon is mostly like first letter ,after that …
Can i make that font only a bit smaller or visible.
For example on desktop.the Dol… will look like Dolphin.
Any ideas about this.
The following is the image of my desktop to see the fonts.
link to image


If I were you I wil name your folders in just two letters like do re mi fa so la ti do lol!
Just joking
While in dolphin, go to settings-configure dolphin-viewmodes and adjust accordingly
(fonts and icon size) Just play with the different options
Looks like the problem is with text width

Hope it helps

thanks for the reply.
In dolphin, it just will configure the dolphin fonts etc.
I want to change the desktop icon fonts.
hope i am clearing the things well.

thanks, i have find it.
Its in configure desktop->Appearance->Fonts.

Sorry, my mistake. When i went to your posted image I concentrated in looking at the dolphin folders. I tried to view your image again but it only shows the taskbar at the top but the desktop now is white, maybe the site is having some problem in my area.
Anyway, good you solve the problem and glad you came back to post the work around.