Icons disappeared from Welcome panel

This is a snapshot of the welcome panel. A while back, the icons disappeared from the panel and it changed to this. I believe it was after some collection of patches were loaded. I apologize because I was very busy and so didn’t report it when it happened. Especially because I really only use the panel to click on the link to openSUSE news.
But I realize that the panel can be very helpful for people that are new to openSUSE.


The welcome screen is provided by package “opensuse-welcome”, which is a package I remove, so I’m unfamiliar with how it should look.

The only suggestion I have is try a forced re-install of that package:

sudo zypper in -f opensuse-welcome

but I’ve no idea if that will effect a cure.

As an aside, screenshots are better posted to https://paste.opensuse.org/ many forum members, myself included, are reluctant to open images hosted on other sites.

openSUSE news can be accessed directly at https://news.opensuse.org/ - you could always bookmark it in your favoured web browser…



I did searches on this site looking for some dedicated/associated place to put images, but didn’t find it. So thanks for letting me know.

I didn’t think that re-installing the package would fix the welcome panel, but thanks for that too. I’m one of the people who has
system freezes from time to time. My guess is that it’s some window related subsystem issue because I see plenty of related warnings in
/var/log/warn, but they’ve never been fixed. When I re-installed the “welcome package” it didn’t fix the Welcome panel problem, but even so, thanks for
the thought!

As to the news, there’s a couple choices for that on the openSUSE home page. I just enjoyed getting the updates without
having to manually check for them periodically.


OK - I doubted a re-install would fix the issue, but worth a first try.

I’ve hunted around a little, and it looks very much like this known bug:

https://github.com/openSUSE/openSUSE-welcome/issues/25 - “openSUSE-Welcome gets stuck on the green splash screen”

also reported on the openSUSE bugzilla:

Bug 1194380](https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1194380) - openSUSE-welcome shows green screen

I would suggest you add yourself to the “cc” list on that bug (same login credentials as these forums) so you can follow it’s progress.


I added myself to the cc list on the bug, thanks.