Icon transparency in KDE4 beta 2

I had a plasma crash issue on login (crash handler came up, with black screen), and I seem to have resolved it by deleting .kde4 from my home directory. The problem now is that due to this, I no longer have the transparent icons. All of my icons have an obnoxious grey box around them.

Anyone know how I can get it back to transparent backgrounds, so its just the icon itself and the icon text?


try applying a different plasma theme & then re-apply the old one.

My two choices for theme are Aya and “default.” I applied both repeatedly, and all it does is darken the background or lighten it, depending on which theme is applied.

Did you solve it? I just installed 4.1 RC1 and have the same ugly effect…

Iirc the last time I saw transparent backgrounds on desktop icons was on a fresh install of opensuse 11.0 and they disappeared as soon as I updated kde4 to factory. I’ve been using the folder view widget since it became available though, so I haven’t looked at desktop icons for some time (until today anyway). You may want to give the widget a try.

Thanks for the tip

I need to play about with it a bit more to see if its something I want to keep, but for now I have only a small wastebin on the visible desktop, and can live with that until transparent icon backgrounds return :wink: