icon theme KDE4 Opensuse 11

Going in to change the icon set in KDE 4 that comes with Opensuse 11 doesn’t appear to do anything.
I want to install the crystal icon set. After installing click apply and I get the progress bar that goes up to about 10& then closes - no changes are made.
If I click on one of the other icon sets that came with Opensuse 11 (such as Opensuse Crystal) exactly the same thing happens.

How can I change the icon set in Opensuse 11 KDE4?

Alright u can try extracting the icon theme from the .tar.gx folder and placing it in /usr/share/icons

extract the file

press ALT+F2

type in kdesu konqueror

enter root password

place the file in /usr/share/icons

close konqueror

try selecting the new icons theme, if this doesn’t work try another icon theme

oh yeah please remember kde 3 icon themes wont work in kde 4 cause the naming and placement of files is different, un less u r sure that they were designed for kde 4, then it could be an issue

It happened to me before in suse 10.3. Any changes made will load the theme progress bar halfway and return to zero. It kinda fixed when I shifted to the factory versions and update kde 4.

Hope someone knows a fix for this.

So why don’t the icons that shipped with Opensuse 11 work?
I presume that since I installed Kde4 as default and they are already listed there they should work when selected?

there is only the oxygen theme that ships with kde 4…which other is there?

at work at the moment so can’t see Opensuse
But - if you go into the kde control panel (forget it’s new name) and into the icon section of the look / colours
There are a number of icon themes listed - including Oxygen 2007 (the default) and a a few others including Tango and Opensuse Crystal etc . . .

alright so any icon theme in the /usr/share/icons folder will be listed there, the crystal theme is for kde 3 cause many kde 3 apps r present in kde 4 so that comes as a part of it and if u install gtk apps as well then parts of gnome will be installed.

its not important for these themes to work with kde 4