Icon text for Trash

On my deskop I have the folder view settings set to icon text of 3 lines max with a white text. But when I put my Trash icon on the desktop it shows icon text which is black with a white background. Why is that ?

This is set by menu / Configure Desktop / Workspace Appearance / Desktop Theme / Details Tab / Color Scheme when you have just a few choice combinations, but not the same flexibility as you have with the “Desktop” folder icons. This is where it is set, but I don’t know why it is separate except it is part of the KDE Plasma Desktop settings. If I pick Air Theme, then select the openSUSE Color Scheme, I can get White Letters over black, but not sure what else you could do with it.

Thank You,

Even after changing the Color Scheme to openSUSE Color Scheme the Trash icon reamins the same, black text with a white background. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.

Which desktop? Or do you think that this is independant of Gnome, KDE, LXDE, Xfce, …?

I am run OS 12.2 with KDE.