Icon in menu

Hello Im new to suse linux, i want to know how to make the icons to show up in menu and how to unistall software. i installed some software but i just know to start them with the run command. Im also trying to use vlc to watch dvds but it plays for a second and get freeze.

im using a sony vaio vgn-n320e, pentium dual core. dvdr mat****a uj850s.

Tell us which desktop you are using: kde3, kde4, gnome…

Make sure you have the packman repo
Disable vlc repo

In Yast - Software Management
filter by repo - select packman
from the packages button along the top - do- update all in this list unconditionally
then scroll down and make sure mplayer and smplayer are checked


Im using kde 3.5

i want to know how to make the icons to show up in menu
Mostly they will show up after install. But not always. You can add by using the menu editor. Make sure panel is unlocked - right click. Then right click start/menu button to use menu editor.
Select the area you want an item added and enter the details.

how to unistall software

Yast - Software - Software Management
filter by Patterns or repo - whatever.
check items to install