Icon images missing?

Hi everyone,

I just booted today on OpenSuse 11 (Gnome, Compiz, Emerald) and when i enter the ccsm all the icons appear as a white/grey square with a red x, the same happens for my power management icon on the panel.

I’m using the OpenSUSE 11 Gilouche Theme, tried using others with same result.

Any ideas?


Hi again,

Well, i discovered the problem is with the OpenSUSE 11 Gilouche theme, somehow the icons dissapeared, i just customized the theme and i’m using it with the Oxygen theme icons, not the best solution but for now it is ok.

I have installed Open SUSE 11 x86:

  • Gnome-Desktop 2.22.1-26.1(i586)
  • Emerald 0.7.8
  • Compiz 0.7.8-8.2

Is there any way i can recover this theme or any theme again when this happens?

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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