Icon dissappeared openSUSE 11

I am using openSUSE 11 and I reinstalled Konqueror. For some reason the icon (Show desktop) next to the openSUSE start button on the Kde taskbar dissappeared. It now only shows an “i” with the following message: “This object could not be created”. Is there a possiblility to get it back. Should I reinstall some program in Yast?


Delete whatever is there and add a new one

Hi, thanks for your quick response.

How do I add another one?


I mistakenly removed the whole panel, how do i get it back.


HI, I got my panel back, but i still have the same problem where the “show desktop” icon is missing.

Right click desktop to unlock widgets
Open the Panel from the lower right corner tool box
Add widget - type: show in the search field
Select showdesktop
Then click the add widget
You may have to move it
Then lock the widgets

if you’re using KDE3 you can delete:
and your whole panel will reset to the factory standard,
when you re-login.
in KDE4 it’s the config file:

just execute:

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc

in a konsole

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc

if using KDE4 and logout.

When you login again, the panel should be reset.

I followed your advice regarding the deletion of the config file. Im using KDE 4. I logged out and back in again, but is still have the error on the panel (taskbar). I also have a widget on the desktop with an “i” that has the same error, which states " This object could not be created." It seems asif i am missing some components or programs.

Any other suggestions?


I can e-mail you a screenshot of the error on my desktop if it would make the matter a bit clearer for you.