icon disappears from panel

This is a new install of openSUSE 42.3. I place icons for common applications in the panel at the bottom of the screen. With this version, I notice two new (to me) problems. I am used to opening several instances of konsole, so I can have the man page on the screen, and another window where I issue the command. Sometimes I end up with three or four konsole windows open. With my new installation, the panel icon disappears when I open an app, so I have to navigate the menu to get another instance of an application. Is there a setting I can change to allow the icon in the panel to remain when I open an application?

While on the subject, I seem to be unable to move the position of an icon the way I used to. Am I missing something?


You talking about icons lets me assume you use a GUI with a desktop.

Please tell us which Desktop Environment you use (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, …). Such information might help in getting the correct people to look here.

Sorry. I guess I assumed that mentioning the panel and konsole that anyone who knew the answer to my question would also know it was kde I was asking about. But you’re right. I should have stated it.

In any event, I have since found that I can right click on the icon in task manager and start a new instance on an application. So, it’s a non issue to me now.


Well, indeed, after reading and re-reading, one could assume it is KDE But as it is in your own interest to make it easy for people to help you, better do not make a searching game out of your help request. :wink:

Thanks for reporting back that you found a solution.

Right-click on panel. Select “Task Manager Settings”.

Near the bottom of the settings screen, there is a box for “Show only tasks that are minimized”. Uncheck that box. And maybe look at other nearby boxes.

I’ve never had your problem, so I don’t think default settings do that.

I have checked “Show only tasks from the current desktop” and “Show only tasks from the current activity”. The other boxes in that group are unchecked.

What you are doing now is to place your icons into the Task Manager Widget on you bottom panel. I don’t think that behaviour can be changed.

What you can do however, is to place your application launchers as icons directly into the panel. You can either drag an icon there (make sure you don’t drag it into the task manager). Or you can select “Add to panel” from the context menu when right-clicking an application in the Application menu.

YES! That’s it! I had previously just dragged the icon from the menu to the left corner of the panel. Obviously this doesn’t work so well anymore. The right click of the application giving me the option to add it to the panel works just great. Thank you so much!