Icinga help openSUSE 13.2 error executing command '/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ping': No such file

Hello All!

I tried to start up Icinga recently. I am coming from another distro, and I believe that not all of the icinga packages are installed. Rather, nagios-plugins necessary packages are installed.

I am getting this message with just icinga checking localhost.

error executing command ‘/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ping’: No such file or directory. Make sure that the file actually exists (in PATH, if set) and is executable!

Could anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!

Edit: Oh, the file does not exist, anyone know where I would complement the nagios-plugins needed for icinga to function properly?

As an FYI, I did find the nagios-plugins and nagios-extras (or something like that) in a 3rd party repo. This is working for me right now.

Is there any reason as to why the plugins were taken out of 13.2? I saw when I searched for software, that they were available in 13.1.

Most likely a packaging error - you should open a Bugzilla entry on missing files in the Icinga package, they can roll out an update via update:/ then.

Sure thing. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Seems there might be plenty for the packagers to address…

Decided to take at least a quick look at icinga as it’s installed by default from the OSS repo.

A person new to openSUSE should know that an icinga service has been created for you already, so the usual systemctl commands apply for start/stop/status

systemctl start|stop|status icinga.service

But, weirdly by default the service points to “/home/username/start” for the main config file. What?! I would think some place more appropriate and maybe use a typical name for the config file should be used.

The next thing a new installer might do is look for any sample configuration files. The MAN page does not describe default locations, and the icinga online documentation says they should be found at


—But, on openSUSE 13.2 they appear to be at

ls /usr/share/doc/packages/icinga/examples

In fact,
It looks like it’d probably be a good idea in the very beginning to at least skim the SUSE specific documentation

cat /usr/share/doc/packages/icinga/README.SUSE 

And the listing/location of the sample config files

cat /usr/share/doc/packages/icinga/sample-config/README

As for the the specific “check_ping” error,
I’m surprised that the default install didn’t include that check in a pre-configured directory. Any nagios veteran knows and expects this check as part of the most basic checks provided with a default install but I don’t see it listed in the rpm contents. It should be relatively easy to fix (find an existing install, copy the contents and then modify the main config script to point to it), but IMO should not be necessary. I wonder if installing the icinga package from source instead of as the packaged rpm has the same defects.


Hello TSU, thanks for looking into this.

Exactly my point. It should be pulled either with icinga, or should easily have the plugins pulled in as well.

My guess is, nagios was taken off the repos, and the full nagios-plugins package plugins were removed with it.

On another note, I heard there was quite a bit of fuss regarding nagios and copyrights/open source / proprietary headbutting. That might have lead to it not being on the official repos.

But that’s neither here nor there.

I did file a bug, https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=908430 and someone suggested I add monitoring-plugins. I tested it out, it had a handful of plugins, as nagios-plugins package would have had in the past. But again, monitoring-plugins was in a server:monitoring (3rd party??) repo.

The repo is: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/monitoring/openSUSE_13.2/server:monitoring.repo

I am however, not too hot on adding yet another repo. I’ve got one for chrome, steam, skype…