ICH9R 3.5TB partition corrupt to Vista 64bit after 11.1 inst

I now have a dual boot Suse 11.1/Vista 64bit GA-P35-DS3P system. The Suse 11.1 install went well but on rebooting to Vista the NTFS 3.5TB Raid 5 partition shows as 2.0TB Raw & 1.5TB unallocated & the data is no-longer accessible. The Intel raid software shows all drives & volume as normal.

However, if I boot back into Suse the partition shows correctly & the data appears fine as a DM Raid partition.

Any ideas on correcting the partition information in Vista without the loss of data, the Volume is 91% full. >:(

Well this problem is repeatable…it appears that Suse removes the GPT partition type so Vista will only see a max 2TB partition.

I have created a new Volume of 3.5TB in Vista partition manager and assigned it as a GPT partition. Reboot into Suse 11.1 64bit, load the Yast partition tool & can see the 3.5TB partition. I cancel the partition tool so data should not be written. When I reboot back into Vista it shows the volume as two partitions, 2Tb & 1.5TB, data not accessible.

So it appears that just by booting into Suse 11.1, my 3.5TB NTFS partition is destroyed.
Any ideas on how to prevent this?

Same problems for me too i think.

gigabyte software raid on the ma61ps3
Windows vista32 sp1
2x samsung 320gb raid 1

windows installed on the full partition.
suse loaded from disk but not installed.
no updates during the test run and no vista boot when restarted.

anyone know or care how to fix windows? :shame: