ibus could not work until I create a new account

I suspct that my last time OS opensuse 12.3 leave some files that cause the problem. All my files had to move to the new account folder in order to work properly with input method, I hope next version of opensuse do not have the simila issue.

It is not quite clear to me if you identified a problem in openSUSE 12.3 and want help to solve it. If that is the case, please explain much, much more about what your problem is. Is it in a desktop, please tell which desktop. In short, explain what you did, what you expected to happen and what happened instead.

If this is to express a hope that something you experience does not happen in the next version of openSUSE (that is 13.1 after your 12.3), you again have to explain better what you do, because only in that case somebody using 13.1 can try to re-create your problem.

I used ibus with mozc in 12.3/KDE and had no issues when updating to 13.1 (apart from the ibus/libreoffice-kde bug).

Using fcitx now instead of ibus though. Seems a bit nicer and better maintained/updated.

openSUSE-13.1-GNOME-Live-i686.iso with fully update recently

I think I am going to copy your style of writing the configuration of the OS as signeture blow the post or thread.

I had new installed the openSUSE 13.1, but use the same account name as openSUSE 12.3 did, so almost the configuration file in the /home/{username} are still available


s there a question here?
Is there even still a problem?

If ibus is still giving you issues try as a new user.
Alternatively, give fcitx a try instead and remove ibus.