iBook Clamshell & OpenSuse 11

OpenSuse is the nicest Linux distro I have found so far. I am considering putting it on an iBook Clamshell (firewire “Paris” model) to replace MacOS Panther, mainly so I can use up-to-date software that doesn’t support Panther anymore. I want to know if I can install it on my machine and if there are any special steps I need to take. Here are my specs:

  • 366mhz PPC G3 processor
  • 360mb ram
  • 10GB hard drive

Could I run the KDE version on these specs? How do I go about putting it on a PPC machine? Would I have to redownload the iso for PPC format? :frowning:
Note: We only have 1GB internet a month. I can’t be downloading massive amounts of data. If I really need to, I might use an internet cafe or something but I’d rather not.


Sysreqs - openSUSE has the requirements for SUSE but it doesnt really mention how fast your cpu has to be. KDE might not run smothly, you might be better off with Gnome or even xfce.
You do need the PPC version unfortunatly but you can always go with the live CD version (a new isp would also help)