i3 screenlocker doesn't respond to keyboard

I installed tumbleweed with i3-gaps on my laptop and screen lockers stop responding to the keyboard if I leave it for a while, such as leaving it locked overnight. It’s the same with slock, i3lock, xtrlock, and pyxtrlock. i3lock and slock graphically respond to key presses, but they don’t respond if it’s been locked for a while. Any idea why it does that or how to fix it? It works fine if it’s only locked for a bit, so going to sleep may have something to do with ti.

Just now it did the same thing, but it was only closed for a few minutes and not even locked. I opened it up and the screen and mouse were working, but not the keyboard.

I assume it works ok if you don’t run i3-gaps???

Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that! I tried it with iceWM and after leaving it closed for 20 minutes it was unresponsive then turned black. When I pressed the power button, an xscreensaver graphic flashed on the screen before shutting down. I removed xscreensaver and tested it for 20 minutes at a time in i3 and icewm and no problems so far. I’ll update if it still has problems - it’s been inconsistent and takes a while to test.

Well that didn’t fix it, at least not completely. It seems to work if I leave the computer closed for a while, but still turns off the keyboard if I briefly close it and open it again. I’ll just try deleting keyboard-related packages now and see if anything happens. It looks like Gnome uses some of those, but I don’t use Gnome often and wouldn’t mind breaking it.

I may have found the solution. There are 2 different kernel parameters you can add to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub to fix a suspended keyboard: i8042.dumbkbd and atkbd.reset. I added i8042.dumbkbd and it seems to work. I’ll update if it stops working again.