I3 app launch taking too long

New install. Added i3. Started in i3, but apps like thunar, arandr and firefox taking 30s to launch.

If I try repeatedly, then all attempts appear at the same time.

64GB RAM, 3900X CPU. Not had this occur on other distros (Arch/EndeavourOS)

Not an i3 user, but a quick search seems to indicate that it’s related to D-Bus and GTK apps.

Just in case the following is relevant here:

FWIW, a Manjaro thread describing similar…

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Thanks for the pointer, Deano

As I had installed the GNOME version of Suse, it was the GTK/GNOME interactions that appear to be the cause.

The solution was to install i3-gnome, by cloning from Github and building locally (it does not seem to be in the repos of Suse)

All seems fixed now!

Thanks for the update. That tallies with user MegaDuck’s experience in the Manjaro thread…

“Long story short I installed i3-gnome from the AUR and then followed the advice on the Github Wiki , I switched to i3+Gnome on the login screen and then everything worked.”