I would like to help, where to start?

Hi All,

I would like to participate and help with the openSUSE project but I’m struggling to find the right starting point or direction. I have been looking at the JJ Bugs and I thought that this would be eventually a good place to start but there is probably a bit more to it then just start fixing the code. I come from a Windows environment and I have experience C++, C# and Java but programming on Linux is fairly new to me.

Are there some beginners guides, or forum threads that I need to read, which could help me move forward?

Thanks in advance!


Without an established history writing break/fix code,

I might suggest first creating non-critical fixes…
Personally, on a regular basis I’m familiar with a number of non-critical issues that would be nice if they were addressed, some of them have existed since the earliest days of openSUSE, they’re just not that critical that they’re high on the list of things to be fix but are persistent annoyances.

If you’re short on identifying things that should be done (or at least would receive enormous grateful response), I can suggest a few things, you can PM me using the Forum’s message system. Provide me with a little bit more info on whether you have any experience or the tools you intend to use to code for stuff like QT, Java, Python, Javascript and anything else you can think of.

With a better picture of what you can do, I can certainly suggest some things by depth of understanding, complexity and size, and hopefully without too major a learning curve to fill in what else you’d need to learn beyond what you already can do.

Nothing I’d suggest is likely already reported in bugzilla, but as I said would definitely be recognized and appreciated by Users.



Thanks for the reply, I have sent you a PM.